If you own ore rent a large motor home or RV, you certainly understand the benefit of having a small vehicle to drive around once you get to your destination.

One sees many configurations of tow behinds. Sometimes this is a “4 down” with a car attached by bumper hitch and the vehicle in neutral. Other times one sees a tow behind with a dolly trailer under the front¬† axle.

Towing a vehicle like this behind the RV presents several challenges.

  • Increased weight negatively impacts fuel economy on the RV
  • The tow behind mechanism is work to load and unload the vehicle
  • Traditional cars are expensive to maintain, register and insure.

With Echo3, we address these challenges:



  • The Echo3 and trailer combined weigh less than 900 pounds and has a significantly less impact of fuel economy.
  • The Echo3 tip load and unload design makes it very easy to load and unload the Echo3. Simply drive on or off and gravity takes care of the lifting.¬†
  • The Echo3 is very inexpensive transportation as registration is $5 per year and insurance is $100 a year (depending on insurance companies but this is average). Yes, $100 a year!
  • Bonus, the Echo3 can be wrapped to exactly match your RV.

The Echo3 can easily be charged overnight from your generator. A recharge takes roughly four hours.

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