Features of the Echo3 Electric Vehicle

    • Reinforced Chassis and Rear Transaxle
    • Hydraulic Independent Suspension
    • 10″ Diameter Wheels
    • Push Button Start
    • Bluetooth Stereo
    • Reverse Camera
    • Hydraulic disk brakes
    • LED running lights
    • 58AH Lead Acid Battery

    The Echo3 comes with a 1 year manufacturer parts and labor warranty. 1 year extended warranty available.


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    Simplify your eco-conscious lifestyle

    The Echo3 is a fun and cost-effective solution to your daily transportation needs. At just over twice the weight of an average moped and 3,300 pounds less than the average car this vehicle is easy to store, park and maintain.

    Many drivers who initially foresaw the Echo3 as being their fun “extra ride” for the weekends have found that the vehicle makes sense as their daily commuter. Whether you are driving to work, school or out to meet friends, saving time, money and the environment just makes sense.

    Businesses are seeing the benefits of the Echo3Energy Electric Vehicle for faster B2B deliveries and delivery services. The unique and fun exterior of the vehicle is great for mobile branding and sure to grab the attention of potential customers!

    Battery range and life will vary depending on hills, temperature, and individual driving conditions.

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