Did you know nearly 30 percent of trips are a mile or shorter, 40 percent are two miles or shorter and 50 percent are three miles or shorter*. It gives you a sense of how much of our daily travel involves distances that can be easily accessed by your Echo3.
I bring my dog, Bear, to work and there is plenty of room for him plus my bags, groceries, and anything else I may need. Keep in mind, Bear is a full-sized standard poodle, so don’t let the Echo3 fool you-there is lots of room.
The Echo3 allows me and my pup to commute to the office, go to the grocery store, and stop by the dog park. As my primary source of transportation, I use my Echo3 for everything.
During the chilly months in Colorado, I can rely on the Echo3’s alloy wheels, rear-wheel drive, and available snow chains to take on almost anything. It’s a relief to have a way to maneuver from the city to the suburbs without crazy gas prices or highway headaches. Plus, Bear thinks all onlookers are focused on him which is just another reason why Echo3 is perfect for our family.
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