Echo3 Amazing & Affordable Transportation

Are you wanting to help with reducing carbon footprint and climate change but don’t really know how to make a big impact? You are doing all you can but don’t feel like you are making a impactful difference?

Oh the frustration. Our founders felt the same way. How could we bring to the world a real game changer that is affordable and makes a big difference?

We started looking around and here is what we found. As a co-steward of the planet, you are mindful of things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. There are 5 major categories identified for carbon footprint measurement. They are, Food, Home Heating & Cooling, Other Home Energy Use, Stuff you Buy and the big one is transportation.   According to a recent study published by Global Stewards, 28% of a person’s carbon footprint comes from transportation. Wow, what if we could wipe that out?

Well, Thanks to some super smart engineers, visionary types and 2 plus years research and development, we have for you’re the world’s best personal transportation that wipes out carbon footprint for all your transportation.

So let us repeat, Getting an Echo3 is not just getting and using a vehicle, it’s a mindset.

Using average adult Americans driving data of 16,000 miles a year, we compiled the statistics and discovered by using a Echo3, one could drop their carbon footprint from 6.322 Tons to 0 for the transportation category.

Now we are talking! Imagine being able to virtually wipe out transportation carbon footprint and savings over $6000 a year in gas, oil and maintenance. Wow, now that would be climate mindfulness heaven!

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