Welcome to the Echo3 Affiliate Program. You can earn endless income by promoting the world’s most efficient electrical vehicles and having fun doing it. We have two programs to choose from that allow you to be part of the Echo3 family.

Wrap & Roll For Individuals

Our wrap and roll program is an innovative program where you purchase the Echo3 vehicle, we wrap it in our brand and we pay you to drive around promoting and building our brand and mindset. Earn $150-200 a month as a brand ambassador. If you finance a Echo# over a 48 month period, the monthly brand ambassador income more than offsets your loan payments and you essentially get a FREE Echo3. But wait, there is more, we provide you business cards and if someone you refer purchases an Echo3 as a result of your influence and recommendation, we pay you a commission based on what is purchased. Commissions apply to any and all products we sell for the life of the customer.

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Wrap & Roll For Business

  1. All the elements from above but the wrap is a co-branded wrap with your company’s brand and “powered by Echo3” brand.
  2. Wrap can be a full vehicle wrap
  3. If the customer selects a full vehicle wrap, they must pay the difference between a spot graphic wrap and a full wrap.

For more information fill out our contact us form or give us a call!

Standard Affiliate Program

I you like to tell people in person, drive traffic as an affiliate marketing professional, blogger or product review type person, we have a standard program where you are compensated for your referrals that purchase Echo3 and any of our products.

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